My first travel vlog video was fun and exciting, experience. I felt like my ideas are not original enough, found it hard to relax in front of the camera, and got discouraged when my video barely gets any views. 🙂

Don’t watch the clock; do what it does. Keep Going.

Sam Levenson

They told me that I am probably going to look a little bit awkward and the content of my first video is not going to be mind-blowing. And they were right. Even though I put too much pressure on it, It was so short and unorganized. Now, one month later, I have published 3 travel vlogs and working on the 4th. I definitely got better on video editing, using Adobe Premier Pro, and taking better videos.

I will make it short and tell you problems i have faced:

1- More Importance to Equipments than the Vlog itself:

Basic equipments are okey. Just try to choose the best environment. I bought Sony A6400, joby tripod, boya external microphone, and DJI Mavic mini drone! And then used my iPhone X in most of the footage. I discovered that iPhone was enough in most of cases.

2- Trying to Look Perfect:

Be you. Not need to put pressure on the video so that to look perfect from the first vlog. You do NOT need to worry about being energetic when you are not, be fun when you are upset and look happy when you are not. Just be you, and take videos to show your aim without too much pressure on being perfect.

3- Did not Make Plan:

Some people can talk for hours non-stopping. Some people cannot. I am from the second type indeed. I need to plan ahead what will I talk. I must have a checklist, todo list, not todo list, or any type of list that keep me from going off the track.

4- I tried to not make mistake:

It is always hard to do new things and do no mistake. When It comes to vlogging, It is almost impossible to do so. I took some footages 5 to 6 times to get it the way I want it, which I did not need while editing the video!


So please: Don’t watch the clock; do what it does. Keep Going. You want to do something? Do it and keep doing it till you get better with it.

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