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January 2019

Dream Job with Nightmare Company Culture

Should I Quit ?

You spend at least 40 hours of work a week, and get about 6 hours of sleep at night. This means you spend about 44% of your waking life at work. It may vary but it is something close to this percentage.

How do you want to spent that 44% of your day ?

The problem in the company culture that what might be a perfect situation for an employee can be a hell for another personal. The tasks may be flooding on an employee while the other has less work to do at that day. Maybe you are not in a toxic environment, it’s just that not a fit. Put the culture aside, you love your job, you’r doing well and you enjoy doing it. So should you stay where you are ? or should you seek a change ? Are you fulfilled ? Are you happy ?

Culture is a word for the ‘way of life’ of groups of people.


Photo by Fahrul Azmi on Unsplash

I worked in 2 companies that have totally different cultures. One of them with a traditional management style, in such company your job responsibilities will be clearly defined, and there may not be opportunities to advance without going through a formal promotion or transfer process. The other company (current one) is more casual workplace, here employees often have the opportunity to take on new projects, and additional roles, as time permits.

You have to make a choice if you are unhappy: Stay or Go. If you decide to go, you have to consider your alternatives. But if you decide to stay, you will need to put in more effort to stay productive and motivated. And work on finding your best set up to give it your best.